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What Is Aquamarine

The aquamarine is known as the among the most famous gemstones of all time and is already known since the ancient years. Its name comes from the Latin word ?aqua marina? which means ?water of the sea?.

The color will vary from light, it is almost colorless, blue or blue-green to a slightly deep color. A lot of aquamarine gemstones are heat-treated so that it can have a deeper color. There are also some stones that will be treated with irradiation. The treatments are normally approved since they permanently alter the stone and is known as a continuation of the process that naturally formed the stone. These stones don?t usually have a lot of flaws and they are really transparent and clean as well.

It is also important for you to know how the aquamarine is formed.

The aquamarine is also formed in cavities inside the rocks just like a lot of other gemstones. The process starts way beyond the Earth?s surface and with the pressure that brings the magma to the surface, once the magma cools down, the rocks are formed. The rocks that were created this way are usually not completely solid but they have cavities within.

The crystallization of silica from the rock or from the intrusions of liquid through the cracks will be building up in the cavity. Different colors and other specifications can produce different types of gemstones based on the material that is included during the formation of crystals. Certain types of ions should be present so that the aquamarine will have certain shades of colors.

The price of aquamarine is lower than the prices of the other precious gemstones out there because the stone is not very rare. The value of aquamarine will follow the deepness of the blue color to some extent. The nice blue tone of the stone will cost 5 times more per carat compared to the paler blue tone.

The size also affects the price per carat of the stone.

You need to be careful when you buy an aquamarine stone since there are actually some traders that will be selling you a blue topaz instead of the real aquamarine. You should take note that topaz usually has a lesser value than the aquamarine.

The aquamarine gemstone is also assigned to the planet Neptune and is considered as an antidote for poison. It can also bring rain and is believed to treat various health conditions like arthritis, toothaches, and stomach problems. Aquamarine is also known to improve the love between couples. Another thing that you should know is that many women actually love this amazing stone. You should click this link right here now in order for you to learn more about aquamarine.

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