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Tips on Choosing the Best Hair Stylists
When you are looking for a new hair salon, the hair stylists that work there are a really important factor to consider. Remember that not everyone can style your hair to the way you love it. Here are some tips on what you should look for in a good hair stylist:
They introduce themselves immediately and start your consultation. When you go into the salon, do the stylists ignore you for sometime or do they welcome you and attend to your needs as soon as possible. You should choose stylists who value the satisfaction of their customers and treat you well. When you arrive, they should try making you feel as comfortable as possible and you what you need. You should however avoid a hair salon with stylists that seem too desperate for you to choose them. This means that they don’t get a lot of customers which could be for various reasons.
They truly assess your hair. Before starting to style your hair, professionals assess it and tell you if it is really healthy or not. When they ask you a lot of questions such as the type of shampoo and conditioner you use or any other chemicals, don’t think that they are nosy. This only shows that they actually care about you and want the best for you. They can advise you on the products you should use or avoid.
They ask about your hair concerns. A professional hair stylist will ask you a lot of questions regarding your hair. This includes the type of work you do, what time do have to go to work, the time you spend on your hair everyday and how often you go to the salon. If you have little time to do your hair every day they will advise you on the style that will be most convenient for you.
Highly skilled. The level of skill, the stylist has matters a lot. You want a hair stylist who will style your hair perfectly and exactly the way you want it. Highly skilled professionals are not likely to make a mistake while doing your hair which is more than can be said for non professionals. If you pick just any hair stylist without looking him or her up properly, you will end up getting a bad hairdo and waste your time and money for nothing. Their skills should also help you determine if the price they charge is right for their services.
Recommendations. Ask your friends, family and colleagues which hair salon they go to and if they have professional hair stylists. They will be honest to you and advise you on which hair stylists to choose. If you follow their advice you may end up getting a hair stylist who will be of great service to you for a long time.

Reviews. Last but not least, go on the website of different salons and check out the reviews of previous clients. If they love their stylists and give them a high rating, then this should convince you to choose that particular salon. You should avoid hair stylists that are given bad reviews. You can finally settle on the best salon in DC.

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