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Joining the Best Church Near You

You may have gotten to the point where you need to look for another church. It is perfectly natural and nothing to feel bad about. You may have relocated, or you may need to search because of family. While you can simply walk into the next church, it is better if you handled things differently. Here is a good way to make that change.
If you were a committed member in another church, make sure you leave properly and respectfully. There has to be a good reason for you to make that change. Friends and family are also likely to ask you the same thing. Most people feel the pressure and either leave without an explanation or give a poor review of the former church to feel justified. You do not have to do all that. You can give a graceful and fair reason, thus ensuring no hard feelings from the old community.

Whether you had to leave an old church or you are new to this whole religion thing, you now need to make use of maps and websites. There are online maps through which you will learn of all the churches in your area. Most churches have updated websites too, which provide more info about their services and community, such as this site. You also need to pay close attention to their reviews. If you already had a particular church network, you can also visit their parent site and see what they have to say about the local branch. When looking through their website, be keen on things like their doctrine, sermon archive, pastoral staff info page, events and ministries, and such.

You should end up with several viable options at this point. You need to check how far they are located from your home. At the same time, do not settle for the closest one to you for the sake of distance. A good church, a little further is worth the trouble. Make a point of visiting each church. While at each, find out if you need to carry your Bible to understand the preaching, if they touch on the Gospel in their preaching, how well they communicate, what level of discipline they observe in the service, and what you feel about your chances of spiritual growth in those churches.

You need to take some time, at least a day, to pray and reflect on the info gathered. Once you decide to go to a particular church, you need to commit to it for at least three months, to understand fully whether it is the one for you. A shorter period does not reveal much. You most likely will attend at a time of great celebrations, or the opposite. Giving it time allows you to see the church at its usual pace. That is a good time to make your decision.

It is important that once you make the decision to become a member, that you complete the registration and induction process. There are usually church groups and other faculties where you belong, as per your age, gender, and interests, such as the parents’ groups, women’s group, men’s group, sports groups, and such.

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