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Understanding the Book of Daniel 12 – Bible Study

To understand the book of Daniel 12 is very important to all believers who believed in Jesus Christ. The passage is mainly concern about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ who is the savior of humankind and the Son of the Almighty God. Every believer must give their interest in reading the Book of Daniel 12. Daniel 12 primarily consists of three timelines. Time (1,260 days), Times 1,290 days, Half a Time 1,335 days. These timelines are clearly explained in the book of Daniel 12. Understanding the structure of the Book is also the key to have an understanding to our connection with the time history. Every believer that get the understanding of the word of God in relation to the second coming of Jesus Christ is blessed. The Book of Daniel 12 is the guide map to understand the relationship of the Second Coming to our lives. Here are the important things to understand about the book of Daniel 12.

Daniel 12 is about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. In reading the final chapter of Daniel 12, it focuses on the “end of time”. The passage also has the message of the Hope which was Jesus Christ Returns to earth. In the bible, there is no clear evidence or statement about the day or the hour that Jesus will exactly return. However, the bible provided us believers with the wisdom that let us understand the certain signs that will appear. These signs are the key for us to know that it is time. It tells us to prepare because Jesus is coming. Regarding the signs, the bible tells us that there would be some religious deception, famine, earthquakes, pestilence, and even war. As we can see, we can tell that his Second Coming is nearly to happen since these events have been ongoing, and it increases intensely. Jesus referred to these sufferings as the “Beginning of Sorrows”. We should be aware of the happenings. The bible has foreseen that there will be false prophets that will arise, God’s people will be put into judgment, God’s people will be hated, and God’s people will be hunted, and even killed. Lawlessness shall also abound, and sorrows will intensify. In reading Daniel 12, you are going to see these important words which include “Great Tribulation” and “Day of the Lord”. This means the return of Jesus Christ to rule over the earth.

One other thing that Daniel 12 tells us is about the Deliverance. We the believers and followers of Jesus Christ, we need to remember always that Daniel has been told by the Almighty God that we people shall be delivered, everyone who is written in the book. Jesus Christ will bring deliverance to those who believe in him, to all God’s people, and the whole world.

Lastly, the book of Daniel clearly tells us about “The Really Good News”. Daniel has written not just only about the future of “Time of Trouble” but also about the “Deliverance” of God’s people. Jesus Christ is going to return here on Earth, and he loves us. Daniel 12 tells us the really good news.

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