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What You Need to Know Before Getting a White Lab Puppy
If you are a pet lover, especially dogs, a white lab puppy is a good choice. White lab puppies have a warm and unaggressive nature which makes them great pets. However, you should expect to pay a premium price because Labradors are a rare breed whose demand is high. This article sets out several facts and essential information about the Labrador kind that you need to know as a potential owner.

You should only buy a white lab puppy from breeders that warrant the health of their puppies. You should thoroughly research a breeder before buying from them. Check if they are registered with appropriate pet authorities. Pet authorities such as the American Kennel Club conduct constant inspections on all Labradors breeders. A good breeder to buy from should also have access to veterinarians to guarantee the good health of the puppies at all times. After purchasing a puppy, you should receive relevant certifications and written medical information about the puppy, which will be necessary for your veterinarian. Purchasing a pet is equivalent to adding a new family member, therefore, you should buy one from a responsible and reputable breeder.

Labradors are a rare breed and the most popular dog breed globally. They are uncommon and in high demand. As a result, you should be ready to pay a top price to get one. The prices vary among breeders, do the necessary research, compare prices, and settle for the affordable. Additionally, some dogs are more expensive than others depending on various qualities. You should gather essential information about the type of dog you want and have an estimated cost before proceeding to buy one. A valid alternative is to adopt a service Labrador who has been retired from service. Some service dogs are made available for adoption by the general public when are not able to continue with their service careers. The good thing is that you will get yourself an almost well-trained dog.

Notably, Labradors are genetically predisposed to obesity, therefore, you should always ensure they are well exercised and active. Consider taking your dog to agility trials and dog shows when you have the time and energy. Scientific studies indicate that white lab puppies are more inclined towards chubbiness as a result of their love for food. You have to keep them engaged always and restrict their access to food. Overweight Labradors are not a good look, they are at high health risks such as diabetes mellitus, osteoarthritis, heart disease, hypertension, liver failure, reduced stamina, etc. You should take care of their health as that of a family member.

Labradors have other interesting facts. They are one of the least aggressive dog breeds, love swimming, are bigger with enormous levels of energy than most dogs, are highly intelligent, are easily disinterested, and remain puppies until they are about 3 years of age. If you are looking to buy a pet dog, Labradors are a good choice. They will give you maximum companionship and keep you engaged at most times.

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