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All about Tooth Colored Fillings

Dental decay is one of the most common dental problems that a lot of people suffer from all over the world. The placement or a restorative is the usual treatment procedure that eliminates the dental decay problem. In the past, unsightly materials like gold or silver were the ones that were used in restorative procedures. These days, things have changed because you find people with tooth colored or white restoratives instead of unsightly materials like gold. The restorative choices that are preferred by many people are the tooth colored fillings. They can be used on the front teeth and also at the back teeth.

The white colored restoratives that were available in the past were not strong enough like the ones used today. When a hard force was exerted on such restoratives, they would break easily or become fragile because they were not strong. Because of that reason, materials such as silver or direct filling gold were the ones that were used to fill a molar or premolar tooth. These days because of the technology advancement and also evolution in the science industry, a lot of improvements have been seen in the tooth colored fillings.

Better bonding with the structure of the tooth is found the advanced white feelings. More to that, the advanced white fillings do not need any etching process, and also it is stronger than the materials were used in the past. Silver and direct filling gold restoratives have a strength that is comparable with that of the tooth colored fillings of today. Because of that reason, they can be used to fill all the teeth, including molars. Molars are the ones that exert lots of stress on the material because they have a force of mastication. Every food material needs to be crashed, and that’s what molars do, and that’s why to suffer from tooth decay because some foods remain on them.

When you use tooth colored fillings, you will enjoy a lot of benefits. The benefits outweigh those of using other materials used for restoring a tooth. The aesthetic finish of the restoration is the first benefit you enjoy when you use tooth colored fillings. The restorative materials come with many shades so that you may choose the one that matches the shade of your tooth that needs to be restored. Because of that reason, a superior aesthetic is produced by them and which cannot be produced by materials such as gold.

When replacing some materials like silver, a lot of tooth structure has to be compromised so that the material can be held in its position within the tooth. That has to be done because there is no direct bonding between the silver and the tooth. The tooth filling is usually held with mechanical retentive properties of the preparation. When it comes to colored fillings, a bonding agent will have to be present so that the direct bonding between the tooth and restorative material occurs. After bonding has happened, the strength of your teeth is restored.

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