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How to Select the Best Safety Lanyard

When working at height, it is essential to have fall arrest systems in place to minimize cases of dangers. Part of the safety system is the lanyard, which connects the worker to the point of anchorage. Since the life of your employee depends on it, you are to be keen when making a purchase. The following considerations will guide you in choosing the most appropriate safety lanyard.

The price factor matter. Due to the difference in their class and models, safety lanyards attract separate price tags. However, you should also know that the price factor should never lead you to compromise the life of your workers. You should, therefore, choose a safety lanyard that is both effective and affordable. You can opt for fixed restraint lanyards for their low prices and their effectiveness.

It is advisable to look for a shock absorbing lanyard. Shock absorbers ensure that the fall gets arrested in the minimum distance possible while keeping the user uninjured. It is even more beneficial if the shock absorber is made of an aluminum cam because of its light weight. You should give priority to a shock absorber that has a tubular polyester sleeve covering.

It is essential to choose a high-abrasion safety lanyard. This will ensure that they will last for a while without tearing and wearing out. However, some lanyards incorporate woven inner webbing the allows for tearing in a controlled way; this ensures that the falling speed decreases thus keeping the victim safer.

You should be knowledgeable on the levels of protective measures. It is vital to have an idea of the work that you need to be done, and the working surrounding, as they are critical points in determining the most relevant protective measures. An example is that there are safety lanyards that are effective in environments that have falling objects, which may not work in other areas. By knowing the working area, it is possible to gauge the length of the most efficient safety lanyard.

It is vital to buy your safety lanyard from a company that can offer training to your workers. Such training ensure that they can make safe adjustments, avoid fall, and if they occur, they can stop them. Furthermore, ensure that the lanyard is easy to use.

It is vital for the supplier to offer you a manual after making a purchase. If you are using a lanyard as a fall arrest system, you must beware that they may experience physical damages that cannot be visible. The age and frequency of use are significant determinants of the effectiveness of safety lanyard. By having a manual, you can know how to use and store the lanyard and therefore ensure that it serves you for a long while.

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