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Aspects to Consider When Choosing the Best Yorkie Puppy

Yorkie is the best breed of dog which can be trained easily and become an excellent family dog. Therefore, many people try to purchase the puppy to ensure that it grows to be a family dog. However, it is not simple to select the best Yorkie puppy which means that you have to consider several factors. For instance, you should consider the time you have to spend with the Yorkies. Yorkie needs company very much which means that you stay indoors, then you can choose to keep it, and if your time is at work and you get home at a limited time, then you should contemplate on looking for another type of breed.

First, you should consider finding a breeder to ensure you get a healthy puppy for your needs. Therefore, you should ask around and you will find a reputable breeder for your Yorkie puppy. This means that you have to consider finding the best Yorkie puppy breeder by looking for reviews from people who have purchased Yorkie puppy from that particular breeder. If the reviews are positive then you are assured that you can trust the breeder to deliver the best healthy quality Yorkies puppy.

You should consider the treason you need the Yorkies. Some require the Yorkies for beauty because they are beautiful pet to keep at homes. Considering that this kind of breed is easy to train and it has the desire to please, then training it to serve a specific purpose would be easy. Hence, you need to determine the purpose the dog will be serving for you to look for a puppy which has been already started the training concerning that specific task. It will be easy for you to continue with the training and bond well with the dog as it grows up.

The Yorkies are of different colors. Thus, considering people like different colors, then you would need to pick the Yorkies of your own choice when it comes to color. The colors are yellow, black, and chocolate. The color does not matter that much because all of the dogs are trainable. You should consider which color appeals to you and choose a Yorkie puppy for your needs.

You should contemplate whether you need a male or female. Although, it does not matter much, however, considering that sometimes the male dogs tend to be aggressive and females to be patient, then you can select the one you feel you need. However, if you need to breed your Yorkies, then you should go for the female. However, if it is not to be breed, then whether male or female is right for you but you have to neuter the female.

You should consider buying the puppy with a guarantee such that if you try and if it does not bond well in your family, then you can get it back to the breeder. The breeder who offers the trial of 230 days would be worth it because by the end of the time you will know whether you will keep the puppy or not considering its behavior.

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