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The church is a place of worship whereby Christian’s come together to worship God. In the church there is fellowship and being a keeper to the friend or family. Most churches have a similar schedule on the activities to be taken when they are worshiping. This activities mainly entail singing, praying and reading the word of God. Individuals get to learn more about the Bible and how to live a holy life in church. The preachers ensure that they interpret the word so that the congregation can have a better understanding. Each church has its own leadership’s and rules that they have set regrading the behavior of people who worship there. This is in terms of the dressing and the food that they should eat. Observing the sabbath is very important and only a few churches observe the correct day. There have been conflict and controversy on the correct day of worship between Sunday and Saturday. This conflict has created a great rift between churches of a particular region and members may not like each other. The churches that undertake sabbath believe that this is what should be observed on that particular day.
They believe that people should not work during that day and the day starts on Friday at 6 pm. Individual should prepare in advance by ensuring that they have food ready and stop all activities when the time has reached. From their lessons are undertaken on the family unit whereby the family members sing and read a particular verse of the Bible while discussing Christianity. On the next day people will head out to their respective churches and spend the whole day up to 6 pm. The people who are in the sabbath have to ensure that they have only focused on the Bible and better living as Christians. The programs differ from church to church but in the evening most of them are engaged on the Bible study and enlighten each other on what the word of God says regarding a particular topic.
The sabbath is a day of rest and people are not allowed to work. There should be only fellowship with fellow Christians. The churches that observe the day to its fullest belief that they have followed the team ten commandments mentioned in the book of Exodus. There are various references on when and how it should be observed throughout the Bible. The people who are in the sabbatical churches are allowed to ask various questions during the evening sessions and new members also ask on the particular day. It is essential that people should observe the sabbath as it is written in the scriptures. This is for the Christians since the other religions identify themselves with different gods and different days and ways of worship. The churches that observe the sabbath have a hard time convincing other churches or members on which is the correct set date. This is because most people have been accustomed to worshiping on Sunday. It can also be tricky since each person has their beliefs and changing that is difficult.

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