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What You Need To Know About Wasp Removal And Extermination

Wasps are somewhat advantageous to farmers because they usually prey on insects that feed on plants leading to lower yields. It is however important to note that they also pose a threat to your wellbeing. Some wasp species are very dangerous and should not be allowed to dwell in homes.

Wasps basically live in colonies, just like bees, led by a queen and can survive for a year. A lot of wasps only attack when they feel threatened. You should be cautious even when dealing with one wasp because they release pheromones which alert their colony members of an attack, thereby putting you in danger. It is important to note that though a sting from one wasp is not fatal, stings from many of them can be deadly. You will know you have a wasps nest in your home or workplace if you constantly see a lot of wasps flying around. Most wasps build their nests outside but some of them build in homes, which is why you need to be careful when you spot wasps in your compound.

If you carefully follow the worker wasps, they will lead you directly to their nest. Take measures to exterminate wasps from your property during the spring because this is when they are fewest in number. It is dangerous to try and exterminate wasps on your own during the summer because this is when they are highest in number. Wasps are not aggressive in the spring and you should therefore take advantage of this time if you wish to exterminate them on your own. If you have a ground wasp nest, make a soap and water solution, pour it into the entrance and cover the nest with soil. Do not disturb or attempt to crush a wasps nest because this will only trigger an attack from the nest guards. It is advisable for you to contract the services of a pest control service to remove and exterminate wasps in your property if they are high in number.

You need to hire a professional to deal with the wasps because only they can be able to treat a nest without having to remove it. A professional pest controller has access to insecticides you would not be allowed to buy on your own. It is also safer to allow professionals to exterminate the wasps because they have protective clothing to keep them safe from wasp stings. Wasp protective gear is very expensive and it is therefore not practical for you to buy it. Wasps typically die some days after their nest is treated with insecticide and you can remove the nest if you are sure that there are no more left.

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