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How to Prepare End Times According to the Bible

The book of Daniel capter 12 outlines well about the end times for the living. It also linked to Revelation capter 10 that speaks of the same. As a Christian, it is good to be always be ready for the second coming of Jesus christ. How should one be prepared? Have a look of what is happening around the world. It can be a fearful through but the conclusion is that christ is coming soon for the ones who trust in him. As a Christian, it is good to hold your faith in christ if you want to enjoy the coming of Jesus chrsit. Some people are even selling their properties, relocating not knowing this won’t help them during the second coming of Jesus. Don’t get scared because of what you see around you, but trusting in God is what will help you. The bible puts its clear that, it is good to be vigilant. This is because no one knows the day nor the hour according to Matthew 24:36, and Mark 13:32. Acts 1:7 also elaborates that it is not our work to know when God is planning to come for his people. What you need to know is that, what is 3 happening in the whole world is an indication of end times. You can see femines, earthquakes, troubles, persecutions, wars and many other disasters.

Mark 13:7-9, the Bible talks of femines and kingdom rising against each other, wars between nations. So if you see all this, you should not get warried because these are signs of the end times. Nations are experiencing lockdown due to Covid-19, think about it and be ready for God. According to Apostle Peter in the Bible, any Christian should be ready for this and should not be put to fear. This is because people will talk all over putting others into depressions. Every Christian should live a godly life and a life of holliness. Second Peter 3:10-12 talks of how heavens will be dissolved and how fire will burn any work of the devil. This verse should give you courage to run to christ before the second coming of Jesus christ. For a Christin to see the kingdom of God should practice living in holiness and do according to God’s will. Treating other people will love is another thing that God loves. Another thing a Christian who is living during this end times should work for God according to John 9:4.

Preparing during end times is alwsy easy for people who love the lord. The people in the household of the lord should be treated well and that is your mandate as a Christian waiting for the lord. Reading the Bible all time can help you understand about the coming of the lord and how you shlidl be prepared. Reading the time should be done with haste because there is so much to learn. If you find it hard to read the Bible, you can use a good servant of God to take you through. And because it is end time, you should be careful of the kind of servant of God you want to engage. Though going to church can good, but your preferred church matters a lot. Move around if you Anat to have the best servant of God to take you through the word of God. This is because interpretation of the Bible is never that easy.

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