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The Wolf Project RE- establishing the Wolf Species in Colorado

The wild animals and the plants are some of the things that make our environment to be beautiful and lively, and by altering with the environment they are living in, it means making them extinct. The ecology of an animal is essential in the survival of the animals, but man has entered into it, destroyed it, affecting what the animals feed on. Understanding the importance of the wildlife will help in the putting effort in the management and conservation of the places where they inhabit.

The gray wolf is part of America’s natural heritage that roomed Colorado but due to hunting and killing them they became extinct. Most of the people who were hunting the wolf species was a way to protect their animals, but it was due to not understanding the animals. Because of the perfect climate in Colorado, it can host the initially existing animal the grey wolf by aiming to educate the public more on the gray wolf, their behavior, habitation, what they feed and many more.

For the people of Colorado to welcome the gray wolf in the area, they are aimed at disseminating any scientific information that may have been written about the wolves as well as the myths that talk things against the gray wolf. For the wolves to stay in Colorado the people should know how to co-exist with them by mitigating the effects on the hunters and the ranchers. The project is bringing the wolves by consulting all the conservationists, landowners and other stakeholder seeks to cultivate the enthusiasm among the Colorado people because of the balance they will bring in the ecosystem.

It has been proven that gray wolves are not a threat to man and they fear and avoid man because there has been no case of the animal attacking a person hiking on the mountains and people should not fear them. The wolves being returned to the Colorado ecosystem will mean that they will help in keeping the natural balance of the ecosystem because they will feed on the other species. At the ground like the rocky mountains of Colorado where the wolves exist if they are not there and the other species multiply it will mean that the grass and other vegetation will not grow.

Because of high appetite, the wolves can go out of the way and eat on the animals on the ranches and the government to ensure that they are not attacked and killed they should pay for any of the damages done. By giving the wolves that environment that they can thrive well like in Colorado the project is helping in the conservation of the endangered species. It is time for the people to stop killing the wolves and see them as the important creatures that they are and co-exist well.

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