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Sewer line repair services

It is necessary that sewer line problems are dealt with as soon as possible. The problem is that some problems can easily go unnoticed. To avoid prolonged sewer problems, it is good to be aware of the following signs which indicate that it is time to get your sewer line repaired.

Unusual Odors Can be a Sewer line repair Sign
It goes without saying that the sewer will have an awful smell. However, the lines are usually built in a way that the smell remains inside the pipes. This means that you should not be able to get a hint of this smell when you are around the drains. Even worse, if the smell is getting all the way into your home. Most of the time, this is a sign that something is wrong.

Hence, it is important to pay attention to the smells coming up around your home. In case of unusual odours, you should contact a plumber to confirm whether repairs are necessary.

Drains that are Draining Unusually Slow
One of the easiest ways to tell that you are facing a sewer line issue is by the behaviour of the draining system. This is mostly characterized by slow drains. This is usually a result of the presence o a clog in the drainage system. Clogs are common and they vary in severity. There is no way to tell how severe the clog is but to have the place checked out by a plumber.

At times, you might underestimate a clog and decide to try and remove it yourself through DIY methods such as chemical drain cleaners. However, this is not guaranteed to work as you do not know the extent of the problem. You also risk making the situation worse. Calling in a professional to handle the repair is, therefore, the best option.

Issues with the Toilet
One of the ways in which the toilet can inform you of any sewer line issues is through its water levels. Ideally, the toilet bowl water levels are meant to remain at a fairly consistent level. It is therefore unusual for the levels to vary such that one time the bowl is full and the other it is almost empty.

Another way in which your toilet can inform you of a sewer line issue is from the noise that is coming from it. The toilet is normally meant to make some noises when it is being flushed. However, it is not normal for it to make strange noises when idle. This is mostly the sound of bubbles as if they are coming up the bowl.

Both of the above-stated issues are a sign of a sewage backup. This means that water from the toilet is encountering a clog along the sewer line and being forced to come back to the toilet. This is a serious sewage problem that can have severe consequences if left unrepaired.

A Rise in the Water Bill
Another indication that you need a sewer line repair is your water bill. If it has suddenly gone despite taking every other necessary precaution, then you could be dealing with a leak in the sewer lines.

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