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Visit These Places In Europe If You Are A Foodie And Enjoy Sea, Sun And Food

Europe is among the most visited place, with over 1.5 billion visitors. Many people arriving here will enjoy the local culture, food or history. Many foodies make those trips to these countries to enjoy the delicacies. When looking to sample the foods, you can get them in streets and not necessarily the top restaurants. The foodies who want the experiences must try these destinations.

People who love trying various foods must visit France. The country is one of the expensive to visit for anyone before they die, but unlike in Norway, you will enjoy French delicacies in Paris and surrounding cities. The small cities, towns or village markets have local fresh foods like oysters. Go for the set menus considered affordable and taste the champagne and wines. When you compare these drinks, they are almost the same.

A person might also go to Italy to enjoy pizza and pasta. In local markets, people enjoy local cheese and meats. The self-catering accommodation allows one to sample Italian pastries, wine or cheese.

When looking for a cheaper and affordable destination, Croatia is the place. You enjoy your visit without spending by visiting the pebble-strewn and lounging beaches. You will enjoy the locally produced cheese, grilled meat, squid kremsnita cake, Bermet or the famous pasticada stewed beef.

Many people avoid going to Portugal but it’s a pretty destination. In Lisbon you enjoy history, architecture and affordable eats. You can enjoy the custardy pastel de nata and the enjoyable wine. The salt cod pie, clams or spicy pork baps are some cheap samples to try.

Turkey is another destination to visit today, known for culture and treating visitors on a low budget. The exchange rate of 8 to 1 allows visitors in Turkey get affordable treats. In any Istanbul street, sample lamb silvers, beef, durum wraps with chicken, fish sandwiches or hummus. The Turkish coffee is something you don’t want to miss.

The Amsterdam’s eats remain a favorite to those visiting the Netherlands. It is an ideal destination for freewheeling travelers and foodies. Never go home without asking for the Dutch cheese and Gouda. Before leaving, you have to try their deep fried dough, herring and the sugar sprinkled poffertjies.

When you visit Belgium, you will be delighted with their chocolate, waffles and more beer. The treats are much cheaper if you buy at the source. Enjoy the cinnamon saffron, nutmeg classic sausages coming with cabbages, meatballs, mussels, Flemish stew or the shrimp croquettes.

In Hungary, cheap buffets make you smile. The central marketplaces have affordable vendors selling Hungarian Goulash with beef, paprika or potatoes. You must buy the salami or poppy seed pastries.

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