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All You Need to Know about the Impacts of Climate Change

The effect of man-made climate change will impact the world around us for generations as proven by scientifically. The heat trapped near the surface in the form of infrared radiation increases as greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide continues to build up in the atmosphere. As compared to the pre-industrial era, global temperatures have risen because of that reason. Melting of the ice caps at the poles and glaciers worldwide are the most obvious effect of increased global temperatures. A rate that has become increasingly rapid by approximately nine inches over the last 150 years, the addition of ice melt has caused sea levels to rise. As the effects of climate change accelerate, the summertime heat waves are already becoming longer and more intense, posing a substantial risk to members of the society. Experts predict more intense tropical cyclones as the air temperature warms will affect oceans. When the temperature of surface water increases, more energy exists for intensification over the open sea hence tropical cyclones derive their energy from the warm sea.

Surface pressure and precipitation patterns will also be affected in addition to temperature changes. While other areas become drier, some will be wetter. The inhabitable area of our planet will reduce because this will lead to more drought and expansion of deserts. There will also be an increase in forest fires due to drought, apart from decreased water supplies for humans, plants, and animals’ populations. A dramatic impact on the crops will be seen in other areas where there will be flooding rains. The migration of insects and animals are other impacts of climate change. As insects migrate, there will be massive destruction of forests incapable of fighting off the new predators. Because of that reason, more severe seasons are witnessed from super hot summers to intense winters.

Lowland vegetation species will replace many original vegetation species on the mountain areas. They will also be susceptible to interference from the mountains along with the condition of water resources. In mountainous areas, it will be hard to keep the original vegetation because of the land’s stability. In the low latitude or low elevation, the impact will not be so apparent. Most incidents of forest fires are caused by human activities associated with land clearing, although it is difficult to connect it with climate change.

The occurrence of forest fires is facilitated by dry weather conditions in conjunction with the El Nino events. In climate variability, El Nino is a phenomenon of nature associated with extreme climate events. Especially in urban areas, increasing population puts pressure on water supply. Getting clean water in these areas at the moment is very difficult, especially those who are low income and low educated or unskilled. An impact on water availability from the surface runoff, groundwater, and other reservoir shapes can be caused by the changes in temperature and rainfall due to climate change. Many people in the further will experience water shortage because of these changes.

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